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Global Climate Change Evidences # Climate Change Facts # Effects of Climate Change

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Global Climate Change Evidences

How to Understanding The Global Climate Change?

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Long-term data tying atmospheric CO2 levels to global temperature, sea level, ice extent, the fossil record, and species distribution are the most compelling climate change evidence scientists have.

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This data, which spans millions of years, demonstrates a robust relationship between CO2 levels and temperature. Data from the early nineteenth century reveal a pattern of rising temperatures and CO2 levels.

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Global Climate Change Evidence
Global Climate Change Evidence

Because all aspects of the global climate are interconnected, scientists have been able to develop models of how changes caused by heating should work their way through the entire system and manifest themselves in various areas, such as sea level, extreme weather, and the movement of fish species in the ocean.

Testing whether or not projected changes happened is a key step in validating the underlying hypothesis.

What evidence do we have of climate change?

This can be done in two ways.

1.To begin, you can feed a model historical data and ask, “How well does this model predict what we know happened?”

2. Scientific organizations have done so and discovered that the models perform well.

A second method of testing is to use the model to forecast impending changes and then evaluate if the emerging reality matches. It is possible to witness the summer melting of the Polar Ice Cap and track the rapid retreat of glaciers. The temperature of the world’s oceans is demonstrably rising, and as a result, many fish species are migrating to follow waters that are the right temperature for them.

Global Climate Change Evidence
Global Climate Change Evidence

Correlating these changes to the timing of CO2 and temperature rises shows a link. NASA has an excellent visual tool for observing these relational models “in action.”

In some cases, such as CO2 levels, temperature, and ocean pH, the chemical processes are traceable, demonstrating a direct causal relationship.

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