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Tropical Strom In Atlantic 2022 # World Climate Headline Today

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Tropical Strom In Atlantic 2022

The Atlantic hurricane season came to an abrupt end six weeks ago after producing three early season storms, but forecasters say there are indications of life as they watch a few regions in the basin for potential tropical development.

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Throughout the rest of this week, a group of thunderstorms moving westward over the tropical Atlantic will be watched for organization and strengthening, and a vast area of expected unrest around the Southeast coast of the United States might be another possible trouble region the following week.

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Since a tropical wave traveled across Africa last week and then over the Atlantic this past weekend, meteorologists have been keeping an eye on it. To help with tracking the feature’s development, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) gave the system the working title of Invest 97L earlier this week.

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Tropical Strom In Atlantic 2022
Tropical Strom In Atlantic 2022


As of Thursday, the tropical wave was moving west-northwestward at a speed of around 17 mph, and the structure of the showers and thunderstorms has not suggested the development of a circulation.

Due to the clockwise circulation around a huge area of high pressure over the middle of the Atlantic known to meteorologists as the Bermuda High, steering breezes will typically steer the system on a westerly course this week with a little shift toward the northwest this weekend.

As of Thursday, the 97L was still in a tiny moisture pocket surrounded by dry air, which may be conducive to development. On the other hand, dust and dry air often prevent tropical development. Another weather factor supporting the development of a well-organized tropical system was coming together.

There was a modest wind shear zone where the tropical wave was located. Strong wind shear has the potential to stop the development of tropical storms and even weaken ones that have already formed.

There is a low likelihood that the tropical wave will intensify into a tropical depression or storm, according to AccuWeather meteorologists, in part because of these two favorable circumstances in the system’s surroundings. The system will, however, run into a harder atmosphere for tropical development in the upcoming days.

It might miss its window of opportunity to form if it doesn’t better organize into a tropical depression or storm by the end of the week or the weekend, according to the report of forecasters.


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