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Recent Climate News

“Kona” Low Rainy Week Ahead for Hawaii

"Kona" Low Rainy Week Ahead for Hawaii Hawaii is facing a multi-day rainfall threat this week, bringing both hope for drought relief and concerns about...

Global Climate Change

Mental Health in a Changing Climate: The Hidden Toll of Environmental Challenge

Mental Health in a Changing Climate As the climate crisis intensifies, it's not only farmers and wildfire victims who face challenges. People with mental health...

World’s Largest Climate Change Conference: COP28

COP28 What is a COP? COP, an acronym for the Conference of the Parties, signifies a significant global gathering comprising 198 parties, including the European Union....



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Latest Reviews

Germany’s Climate Challenge and Adapting for a Sustainable Future

Germany's Climate Challenge Germany, known for its rich history and stunning landscapes, is now grappling with the urgent issue of climate change. As temperatures fluctuate,...


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